Cool Cretaceous Creature
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A song about a famous T. rex
© 2000 Suzanne Niles
Words and music: Suzanne Niles
Vocals and acoustic guitar: Suzanne Niles
Electric guitar:  Bill Scheniman
Produced, arranged, and engineered by Suzanne Niles
Recorded at Animal Tracks, Carlisle Massachusetts, 2000
For more more about the T. rex that inspired this song – her discovery, ownership disputes, reconstruction, and research – go here.
©1997-2014 Songwaves
I wrote this song in May 2000, on the day I saw the dramatic 
unveiling of this T. rex at the Field Museum on live morning TV.
Comment from the songwriter
I cannot mention her name here due to copyright protection,
but if you listen to the song clip above you'll find out who she is.
This T. rex is the one featured in the 2014 documentary film "Dinosaur 13"
Songwaves is not affiliated with the Field Museum in Chicago (where this dinosaur now lives)
or with the "Dinosaur 13" movie (a documentary about this dinosaur)
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