Remmy and the Brain Train
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Remmy and the Brain Train is a Songwaves collaboration with Dr. James Maas, author of the New York Times best-seller Power Sleep.  It's a rollicking sing-along kids' version of the same sleep message, which the book brings to life with illustrations by award-winning artist Guy Danella. The accompanying CD is a Songwaves production, with Dr. Maas himself playing the part of Dr. Zeez! 

The song follows the book word-for-word, making it a great reading and educational experience.
The song has lots of fun sound effects,  including the voices of real animals recorded by Suzanne in her own neighborhood.

Visit remmyweb.com for interesting information about sleep and behind-the-scenes photos of the animals          (and people) in the song

Like Sea Songs before it, Remmy and the Brain Train earned the Dr. Toy Ten Best Audio award and the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.
Traveling through the land of good sleep
Book by Dr. James B. Maas 
Illustrations by Guy Danella
Song by Suzanne Niles (Songwaves)
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One song, 12 minutes
Book and CD
CD only
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Sailboat courtesy pamsclipart.com
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Sailboat courtesy pamsclipart.com