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Tillywig Toy Awards
                The magic of the sea and the creatures who dwell
                there are on display in the twelve tunes that make
                up the Sea Songs CD. Kids find the lilting melodies                       and shifting textures of these songs captivating, 
the lyrics and rhymes playful and satisfying.  A lyric book, available as a free download from the website, makes it easy
for kids to sing along.  Songs like Herd of TurtlesThe Octopus Waltz, and If You See a Manatee, instantly capture the imagination. 

Singer/songwriter Suzanne Niles has a knack for portraying through song a world children love immersing themselves in, one that's full of magic and variety.  

The fact that these creatures we're hearing about really exist makes them all the more exciting and stimulating for children.  Ms. Niles' lyrics have such a unique rhythm and feel that children even enjoy reading them sans music (or having parents read them aloud) like the fabulous little stories they are.
Academics' Choice
Catchy tunes and a seamless blend of fun and education, sprinkled with imagery and vocabulary that appeals to adults as well as children
From their reviewing panel of teachers and parents:
The songs were ideal for my kindergarten class in support
 of our"Secrets of the Ocean" unit.  I used them as topic introductions.

This CD was fun to listen to with my 3-year-old.  We talked about turtles and octopus while listening to to the CD.  I really liked how simple the songs were.
National Parenting Center
I loved this CD.  It had fun, original songs that were not only great to sing along to with my kids, but actually helped us ALL learn new things about almost every kind of sea animal you could imagine.  I admire the quality of the songs both in a melodic and lyrical aspect.  The rhyming words are selected very thoughtfully, with accurate information.  This should be in every parent and kid-at-heart adult's home!!!  (And car, and school ...)
Amazon.com reviewers
This happy celebration of the sea really tickled our testers – good lessons to be learned about life under the waves.
Sea Songs - A Celebration of Sea Creatures
Wonderful CD.  Cute enough to keep the kids listening.  Thought-provoking enough to hold the interest of adults.
Musical popcorn!

Our favorite "car music"

My standard baby shower gift

My favorite "kitchen music"
          An 80-year-old kitchen dancer

The baby quiets right down when we put on Sea Songs.  And WE love it too!
         – Parents of a one-month-old  

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Video review from a 
10-month-old fan and Mom
(Listening to "Stripes and Spots")