Stripe In the Rainbow
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Song and video credits
Words, music, vocals:  Suzanne Niles
© 2002 Suzanne Niles
Enormous thanks to the talented photographers, graphic artists, and shining children who are the “stripes” of this video, which itself is a 
de facto global collaboration by contributors who have made their work available to the rest of us via stock photo/illustration websites, public domain, Creative Commons, or courtesy permission.  
Here is who they are: 
© 2015 Suzanne Niles
Incorporating the copyrighted material of others, either licensed or used by permission
Ferry in the Bosphorus Sea, Istanbul
Photo:  Alfonso Ianniello, Turkey
© Alfonso Ianniello | Dreamstime.com
Vintage city tour bus, London
Photo:  Deyan Georgiev, Bulgaria
© Deyangeorgiev | Dreamstime.com
​"Crazy patchwork" coverlet known as the Jubilee Quilt, dated 1887, commemorating Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee.
Courtesy Worthington Museum and Art Gallery
​West Sussex, England
Thanks to Gerry Connolly, Curator of Historic Collections
"Fantasy World" 
Milena Moiola, Italy
© Adelaideiside | Dreamstime.com
Puzzle-pieces overlay template
Jonathan Eger, Canada
Courtesy PhotoWeeklyOnline 
125+  Ways to Edit a Photograph - Part 3 
Miroslav Ferkuniak, Colorado,USA
© Studio1one | 123rf.com
Boy:   © Furli Achirulli | 123rf.com
Shirt:  © sima | Shutterstock.com  
Photo:  Stanislav Komogorov 
© stask | Dreamstime.com
​Ukranian boy showing off traditional costume
© Ampack | Dreamstime.com
Globe: © Augiasstallputzer | Wikimedia Commons   
Pushpin:  © leftyssportsacademy.com | iconshut.com
World map: Teiteosia, Poland
© Teiteosia | Dreamstime
© Nshirokova | Dreamstime.com
"I see you"
Alicia Dearmin, Washington State, USA
© Bloomoon711 | Dreamstime.com
Girl: Jose Manuel Gelpi DIaz, Spain
© Gelpi | Dreamstime.com  
Boy: Woraphon Banchobdi, Thailand
©  Pat138241 | Dreamstime.com
Silver note
© Oleksandr Marynchenko | Dreamstime.com  
Sheet music
© Nicolai Sorokin | Dreamstime.com  
"Sunrise on Earth"
 © Denisismagilov | Dreamstime.com  
"Good boy"
 © Mariyamasich | Dreamstime.com  
© Karelnoppe| Dreamstime.com
Girl: © Karelnoppe | Dreamstime.com  
Boy: © Valentina Razumova | Dreamstime.com  
Snowflake: © Anna Chelnokova | Dreamstime.com  
Star: ©charon | Dreamstime.com  
"Murray of Atholl" tartan
 Image courtesy clanmurray.org
Christos Georghiou, Eastleigh, United Kingdom
© AtStockIllustration
©1997-2015 Songwaves
Submarine:  © Nem4a | Can Stock Photo Inc.
Girl:  © Madartists | Dreamstime.com
Boy:  © Libux77 | Dreamstime.com
"Sunrise on Earth"
© Denisismagilov | Dreamstime.com  
Elements of this image furnished by NASA
Sassafras tree
Alexander Morozov, Moscow
 © Alexander Morozov | Dreamstime.com
Fence:  © cliparts.co
Clouds:  © sweetclipart.com
More about the tree with crazy leaves
© Alptraum | Dreamstime.com
Juan Carlos F. Morata, Spain
© Jcfmorata | Dreamstime.com
Girl, Philippines
Arseniy Rogov, Moscow 
© Krasnevsky | Dreamstime.com  
Diego Vito Cervo, Italy
© Diego.cervo | Dreamstime.com
Initial reflection:
​Gazing ball by gardenhouseflags.com
Kilt pin 
Rainbow swoosh
Courtesy Copper Cup Images
(Where is this?)